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 We first learned of Calvin Parker and the Pascagoula Abduction on

August 13, 2018 when an article on the USA TODAY website appeared. 

Calvin's story was so compelling.

Here was a story of a man who tried to erase himself.

Something otherworldly affected his destiny and tore his life apart.

He went underground and changed his name.

That really struck a nerve.  

A quick bit of research and it was easy to ascertain that in the long history of UFO abduction

cases there are three that are the best known and most iconic. 

I wondered why Calvin's story was in this hallowed company. 

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Betty and Barney Hill (1961) 

Calvin Parker (1973)


Travis Walton (1975)


Major motion pictures were made about Betty and Barney Hill and Travis Walton. 

James Earl Jones, one of the finest actors of his generation, secured the rights himself to the

Barney and Betty Hill story, and starred in "The UFO Incident" alongside Estelle Parsons.


"Fire in the Sky" told the story of the Travis Walton.

To date, this landmark film, is considered by fans the world over to be the

best ufo abduction movie of all time. 

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We wondered why a film had never been made about Calvin Parker's incredible life.

Then it became obvious - when Calvin decided to go silent, and go underground

he meant it.  For nearly 45 years Calvin Parker stayed away from his hometown and

from the dark truth begging to be examined in his soul.  Coping mechanism.


No film was made about Calvin's story because he kept it hidden. 

But after a close encounter with death Calvin Parker is silent no more. 

With Waynette urging him on, Calvin realized that it was now or never

if he wanted to tell his story - for the ages, and for the history books.

Word of the movie deal got out in the paranormal world and we were thrilled when 

a well known journalist called a film about Calvin Parker and the Pascagoula Abuction

"the most anticipated alien abduction movie since Fire In The Sky.

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Abductees have never gotten a fair shake from any quarter.

Marginalized, and shamed, yet there are literally tens of thousands

who can tell stories often as frightening as Calvins.'

But maybe it's time and their turn for recognition.

A glimpse into their world is sure to challenge everything we know about our own.

It did mine. 

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