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Discovery Plus Segment (2022) - Calvin Parker

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CP & George Knapp, the legendary UFO journalist, who welcomed Calvin back with to the public eye after all these decades on his his international radio show. 


CP & Travis Walton, the two most famous abductees on the planet reunited after not speaking since shortly after Travis' abduction in 1975.

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CP & Paul Hynek, the son of the greatest UFO researcher of all time- Dr. J.Allen Hynek, and Producer of Project Blue Book.

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                     The Return from Self Imposed Exile
After 45 years of running from the harsh light of his abductee status Calvin returns to share his complete story.  He was greeted warmly and like a conquering hero by the paranormal elite.  

Washington Post

New York Post

Jason Graphic Novel (2023)

                         Fleetwood Mac & Hypnotized

The hugely successful rock group Fleetwood Mac scored a worldwide hit with the song Hypnotized in 1975.  The writer, Bob Welch told American Songwriter Magazine: "“Hypnotized” was a song about the possibility of a visit from alien life. Those two guys in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson had just reported on a major UFO encounter, and it was all over the TV for quite a while. The song was inspired by that encounter, Carlos Castaneda’s books, and some personal experiences.”

Dr. Hynek News Story 1973

Coast to Coast AM

                                 Rolling Stone 1974

Written by Joe Eszterhas for Rolling Stone prior to becoming the celebrity/outlaw screenwriter famous for Basic Instinct and Flashdance, the article is a real curiosity.  It's a condescending piece of mockery from a big city hipster, trafficking in demeaning stereotypes, designed to humiliate all involved.  Yet Eszterhas captures the frenzy and the many outlandish moments and characters in the Calvin Parker story. 

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Charlie Hickson: To Tell The Truth Game Show (1974);

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Charlie Hickson: News Piece (1975);

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